Jo Sickbert   (USA)


Jo  Sickbert

Primitive painter of good times, happy times, and the simple pleasures of everyday life.
Jo Sickbert is a grandmother who lives in the midwestern region of the United States.
She has exhibited in galleries across America, won several art competition awards and received widespread editorial publicity in local and national newspapers and magazines.
Her paintings hang in private collections and museums throughout the United States, England, France and Japan.
Corporate commissions include the Franklin Mint, Johnson Wax, AT&T, Suntory of Japan and others.
Greeting cards have been commissioned by The National Trust For Historic Preservation, McDonalds and Caspari of New York and Switzerland.
She has had over twenty five one person shows.

ジョー・シックバード   /  Jo  Sickbert   <USA>                                                                
古き良き時代のアメリカを彷佛とさせ    日々の生活の中の単な喜びを描くカンサスの女流作家。
1972 ビエンナーレアート最優秀賞 受賞。
1974 サタデイイブニングポストカバーコンテスト受賞 その他多くの賞を受賞。
1976 ノーマンロックウエル,ジョージナオキーフ等と16人展に参加。                       

出版物には"クリスマスデイ", "教科書", "サタディイブニング","ヤンキーマガジン"等の雑誌。            
ギャラリー・ニューヨーク, シカゴ, カンサスシティ, ビバリーヒルズ, サンタフェ, リノ, スコッツデイル等