ICO has published an impressive range of art publications which went on to be at the forefront of bookstores in cities including New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Sydney, Hamburg, Seoul and Belgium to name a few. In fact our reach encompasses more than 80 countries.

Thanks to this art publication distribution, participating artists were promoted widely and were offered projects including TV commercials, posters, magazines, newspapers etc.

The books were an influential reference for major Japanese companies, OMNI magazine, Penthouse in NY, tobacco manufacturers in Germany, Lancome cosmetics in France and many more. Industry clients who used these marketing tools are estimated at 50 to 60 thousand worldwide.

Followings are samples of some of the projects facilitated by ICO's publications.

The following images are artists has registed their images for their potential market place of the 2nd rights usage to ICO.
The artist can decide the usage price by himself according to the usage purposes. The artist can keep his valuable original image. The clients wish to use the image for their needs media such as poster, calender, champaign and so on.
Since this will be yourown business, if you do not want to do the dealing, you can refuse the inquiry. ICO will not do the business basically but if you need ICO's help for the project, ICO will will do on condition with the advice cost. It's depending on your decision.