You can display your work internationally for only $10 per image per month.

This Virtual Art Gallery enables you to showcase your work worldwide. Choose from categories including Fine Art, Illustration, Photography, Public Art and more.

If your online work proves popular via our voting system, this will be announced on our website.

The ICO Virtual Art Gallery will enlighten art lovers around the world.

Established in 1964, ICO (International Creators' Organization) is a group of international creatives. Comprising 52 countries and 72 cities, this network will facilitate the promotion of the Virtual Art Gallery.

In 1991 ICO also organized "Young ICO" for international art school students. Over 500 participating art schools became involved, culminating in the "UNIVERSIART” publication and its broad distribution.

ICO's Virtual Art Gallery will promote the development and talent of these young artists.

Other ICO art publications : (Click box under)


Exhibition outline of your art works for Virtual Art Gallery.

1) Qualification requirements :
Professional artists, art school students, art lovers etc.

2) Art exhibit categories :

        ● Fine Art         ● Illustration        ● Ethnic Art
        ● Public Art      ● Photography     

3) Send your favorite images to the following email address.

 Feel free to use the "File server" or "Storage server” system to send your work.

4) Image data.

 a) Image size : 700 pixel (longest side)
 b) Icon image size : 100 pixel (width)
 c) Image resolution/format : 72 dpi, jpeg.

 See sample page (click here)
5) Send your own data :


6) Exhibition period : One month from commencement of exhibition.

7) Exhibition fee :

   a) US$10 per image.
   b) Please use Paypal. (Click the following Paypal button)


8) Exhibited image selection :

 To maintain the quality of the Virtual Art Gallery, the ICO selection committee
 will determine inclusion.


Other :

 a) There is no limit to the number of images you can display.
 b) You can extend your exhibition period for US$10 per image per month.

 c) If your images are deemed of sufficient quality, you may be recommended
   as a member of Who's Who.

 d) If you receive a potential business offer or inquiry about your exhibited
   artworks, you can deal with the clients directly.

 e) If you encounter a language barrier or negotiation problem, ICO will assist
    both parties according to the ICO art agency system.       
    (Usage language should be English only).