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Milton Quon

Milton Quon’s professional career in art began in 1939 when he helped animate the mushroom, flower, cupids and goldfish scenes for the now famous Walt Disney Studios movie, Fantasia.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, Milton Quon graduated from the Chouinard institute of Art.  He worked as an art director, designer and animator with Walt Disney Studios and BBD&O throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s. 

Today, Milton enjoys teaching as well as taking watercolor classes.  He draws almost daily in his sketchbooks, preferring watercolor and ink.  He sketches and document trips that he has taken around the world, from Santa Fe, The Panama Canal, and Alaska, to the East Coast, Greece and China. Closer to home, Milton can be seen sketching while waiting for a table in a restaurant, or drawing in the checkout line at the supermarket.  In fact, he enjoys sketching almost anywhere.  An especially memorable project was drawing the cast and locations on the set of the movie “Speed”, in which Milton played one of the hostages on that ill-fated bus.  He even got a screen credit.  Milton and his wife reside in Los Angeles. One of his sons, Mike Quon, is also a well-respected graphic designer and artist.

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